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Bird Spike

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Bird Spike in Ajman


Bird B Gone is the global supplier of premium stainless steel and polycarbonate bird spikes.

  • Industry leading service & guarantees
  • Humane & effective solution to deter larger birds
  • Easy to install – glue, screw or tie down to most surfaces
  • Use on flat or curved surfaces
  • Patented center spike design – no gaps for birds to nest between
  • Made of durable, sun and weather resistant materials
  • Virtually invisible once installed
Bird Spike
Bird Spike

Bird Spike
Bird Spike


Bird Spike

Stainless Steel Pigeon Spikes come in 2ft. sections. Choose by the linear feet you need to protect. Stainless steel pigeon spikes are used on buildings and structures to keep pest birds from landing and roosting. Pigeon spikes are effective, humane, and will not harm birds.

  • #1 specified pigeon spike by architects, contractors, and government agencies.
  • Industry leading guarantee of 10 years.
  • Virtually invisible; will fit any contour – can safely bend 360 degrees!
  • Pigeon spikes are easy to install; can be glued, screwed or tied down.

Plastic Bird Spikes

Bird Spike

Bird-B-Gone Polycarbonate Bird Spikes are used to prevent large birds from landing on flat or curved surfaces.

Birds cannot land on the un-even surface created by the spikes and will move on to a better spot. Bird-B-Gone Polycarbonate spikes are an effective, humane solution for deterring birds from unwanted areas.

Bird-B-Gone Polycarbonate Bird Spikes come in two foot sections and are made from a U.V. protected polycarbonate plastic. The spike strips are available in three different widths; 3”, 5” & 7” to match the surface being treated.

The base of the spike strip is 1.5” wide and can be glued, screwed, or tied down to most surfaces.

The pigeon spikes are made by Bird-B-Gone in the USA and carry an industry leading 5-year guarantee.

  • Lowest cost bird spike!
  • Humane, will not harm birds!
  • Virtually Invisible!
  • GSA Approved!
  • Longest Guarantee – 5 Years!
  • Available in 3″, 5″ & 7″ widths!
  • Patented US 7596910
  • Manufactured in the U.S. by Bird-B-Gone, Inc.
  • Glue Trough on base of spike allows for fast and easy application
  • Will not cut or injure installer!
  • Non-Conductive! Will Not Interfere with Electrical or Communication & Transmissions!
  • U.V. Protected / Sun & Weather Proof – Not Affected by Extreme Temperatures (+310°F to -200°F)!

The Bird-B-Gone Difference:

We manufacture our products in the United States ensuring they meet the highest standard of quality in the industry. All products go through an extensive quality control process before they leave our warehouse. We stand behind the quality of our products and encourage customers to compare our products with competitors’ in order to see the Bird-B-Gone difference!


Bird-B-Gone Polycarbonate carries an industry leading 5-year guarantee against breakdown of the product, and UV degradation.

Making the correct choice in bird control products is essential to solving your bird problems. You need to know where the birds are landing and what they are doing. We are using different methods for bird/ pigeon controls which includes, Bird Spike, Bird Netting, Bird Deterrents, Bird Repellents etc. It is important to install safe and humane bird control products before pest birds are able to cause bird problems. If you need to have a professional bird control team, our bird control engineers will be available in your area! Call us at 0553914339


Pigeons can become a real nuisance especially if they are residing on or around your property. Pigeons are becoming increasing in numbers especially in town centres where they have adapted to their artificial cliffs of buildings and are becoming a real pest with their droppings on buildings, pavements and cars etc.

These are called Ferral pigeons and they are a descent of the Wild Rock Dove, this bird has become semi domesticated and the pigeon is the most serious pest associated with human habitations.

Pigeons rely on food scraps and will be found in droves near to, cafe’s, restaurants and other food outlets in busy town centres. These birds also carry many diseases and can be passed from bird to man, many people feed pigeons, but this just encourages them, these birds actually carry more diseases than the brown rat, you would not think about feeding a rat but people do still insist on feeding pigeons, some of the diseases that can be passed on are Salmonella, tuberculosis and ornithosis.

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