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Snake Control in Dubai

Snake removal may be wonder, exhilaration, shock or even fear. Many of these responses occur because snakes appear and behave unlike any other animal we know. Once we begin to learn about snakes, we can replace our misconceptions with facts and our fears with curiosity, and we can begin to appreciate their important roles in our environment. Snakes are reptiles and belong to the same group of animals as lizards, turtles, and crocodiles. Reptiles have dry scales that shed periodically. Unlike mammals and birds, reptiles cannot generate body heat and depend on outside sources to raise their body temperature. This trait makes them wait out long periods of extensive cold and hot conditions, a habit that contributes to their secretive nature.

nakes differ from other reptiles by having no legs, ears, or eyelids, and by possessing only one functional lung. The most notable characteristic of a snake is its extremely long, slender body. A snake’s body allows it to effortlessly climb, swim in our streams, and slip into the smallest spaces. Although snakes lack ears and cannot technically hear, they do have the ability to detect low frequency vibrations from the air and ground. Instead of eyelids, snakes have a clear scale covering for each eye. The shedding of this scale causes the eye to cloud over for a few days.

A snake is usually in your house to find food such as mice and rats. Eliminating the food source will likely rid you of your snake problem. s. A snake can enter any opening that a mouse can squeeze through. Sealing all crevices and spaces where pipes and electrical wires enter the dwelling will help prevent snakes from making your house their home.

Controlling snakes begins with an inspection to determine why the snakes want to be there in the first place. If snakes are indoors it could be because of food, water, or ideal temperature and conditions. Look for signs of rodents since they are a food source for the snakes. Also look for entry points into the structure such as holes in the foundation or missing vent covers. When inspecting for outdoor problems, look for high vegetation or wood piles on the ground. When snakes are found outside, they are usually just trying to get from one place to another or foraging for food. They will hide under logs, and in debris such as scrap metal and old tires. Always wear long pants, boots, and gloves when inspecting for snakes, and make sure not to place bare hands in areas that you cannot visually inspect first. Never provoke a snake if found.

After the inspection, we will apply snake repellents around foundations, in crawlspaces, entry points, basements, and under covered porches. We also use repellents and Glue board traps in the yard where snakes are a problem.

How to Control Snake?

We’ve decided to help you out. We are specialists in controlling Snake and Rodent at construction sites and residential areas with the help of fully safe public health pesticides.

  • Chemical snake repellents solids are available.
  • Sprinkle the chemical solution around perimeter of the yard.
  • Snake repellent sprays are among the most popular options
  • Snake Repellent may be used: sprays, liquids & powder solutions according to situation.

Spiders can be controlled through a variety of methods, with an integration of pest management techniques as the most effective. Techniques include exclusion, sanitation, chemical, and non- chemical controls indoor and/or out.

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